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Robert Kennedy, Jr.: 'No one has ever complied their way out of totalitarianism'


Robert F. Kennedy,  Jr. is quickly becoming one of the most important voices of our time. He continues to fearlessly call out the tyranny that is ripping apart the fabric of our country. On Sunday Kennedy released a call to action for 2022. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: I'm going to tell you these three things … Continue

Death rate among the "heavily jabbed" (with a "vaccine" authorized ONLY FOR EMERGENCY USE) population of working-age, insured Americans is "enormous":

CDC lying about "vaccine" safety – people are dying within a week after being "vaccinated" with vaccines 1,000 times more dangerous than the suspended smallpox vaccine:

"This vaccine has killed over 400,000 Americans who were previously healthy." Yet medical boards will suspend the licenses of any doctors who speak out:

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