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Red Wine Molecule Aborts Covid-19 Infection Before Symptoms or Antibodies Arise

•, By Bill Sardi

Red Wine Molecule Resveratrol Promotes A Type Of T-Cell That Literally Aborts Infection And Symptoms Typically Seen In These Workers.

A remarkable discovery….. healthcare workers, who by repeated exposure to corona cold viruses in their line of work, have pre-existing T-cell immunity against prior coronavirus infections that confer immunity against COVID-19 to the point of aborting infection BEFORE antibodies can even be generated (even before a swab or blood test can detect it!).  These subjects would then test NEGATIVE for COVID-19, having already aborted the infection and consequent symptoms. This startling discovery is documented in a landmark report published in Nature Magazine.  

Initially the immune system is alerted to a new foreign virus and responds with an array of white blood cells (innate immune response), namely neutrophils and macrophages, to battle the virus in a non-specific way, while 5-7 days later T-cells and B-cells develop specific memory antibodies and memory T-cells that provide lasting immunity (adaptive immune response). 

But in this instance, pre-developed immunity against prior coronavirus infections (MERS*, SARS* or other corona cold viruses) produced cross-immunity against COVID-19.  With prior pathogenic coronavirus strains sharing 82% similarity to gene sequences in COVID-19, researchers say the re-purposing of existing natural inhibitors of coronaviruses is in order.