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REPORT: CCP May Have Launched New Variant – "People Bleeding From The Eyes, Nose, Mouth…"

• by CD Media Staff

Reportedly residents are screaming from their windows as they starve due to no food.

Harnwell describes reports from inside the municipality sent to his Gettr account that residents have been seen bleeding from the eye, nose and mouth from whatever biological agent is behind the lockdown.

This possible release follows the exact path the CCP chose with the release and intentional spread of the first biological warfare agent – Covid 19, or more affectionately called the 'CCP virus'. Release in China, lockdown the city to prevent further spread in-country, then actively spread the agent in the West — this tactic provides the Xi communist government with 'plausible deniability'.

Harnwell describes the above in the later part of the video clip below from this morning's show.

We have been expecting such an attack since the cabal is obviously losing power and policital control daily, gained nefariously from the first bioweapon release and its effects.