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Coinbase Billionaire Starts $105 Million Antiaging Company NewLimit

•, by Brian Wang

They expect capital will not be the limiting factor for the next few years. They may raise external funding as well down the road.

What is different. Their goals is not to publish papers but to make products that lengthen peoples lives.

They are not trying to build an institute or academic minded organization where papers are more important than products. Our goal is to build an ambitious, well run, for-profit company that will deliver revenue generating products on the way toward accomplishing its much bigger objective.

Nextbigfuture notes that many people who have become wealthy via Cryptocurrency and blockchain and related businesses are heavy funders of aging reversal and aggressive antiaging companies. Vitalik Buterin created ethereum and has donated heavily to SENS. As cryptocurrency and blockchain create more billionaires and hectomillionaires (aka known with the incorrect metric prefix of centamillionaire) then there is and will be very solid funding for aging reversal. Billions and tens of billions per year going to solve antiaging will accelerate the science and medical progress and the implementation. Operation Warpspeed spent $12 billion of US government funding to develop COVID vaccines. Other governments spent billions to develop COVID vaccines and treatments. The biotech and pharma industries spent tens of billions to develop and launch the COVID vaccines and treatments.