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Dutch Politician Calls "BS" On Obama's Claim That 97% Of Scientists Agree...

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Former President Barak Obama institutionalized the blatantly false claim that "97% of scientists agree on manmade global warming", but it has been endlessly repeated ever since. This was a common propaganda trick called "Bandwagon": eg, all the experts believe it so you should too. In truth, only 1.6% of scientists sided with man-made global warming. ? TN Editor

Dutch Member of Parliament Thierry Baudet has decided to take the conservative battle for reason and common sense international. The reason he has done so is, of course, that the internationalist globalists are also fighting a worldwide war. If you want to beat them, you've got to do the same. You can't fight a provincial war while they're fighting everywhere, in every single country.

Forum for Democracy International — the international arm of his domestic party Forum voor Democratie — is using video-sharing platforms to spread the conservative message from the Netherlands. The show is called The Movement and it's presented by Baudet himself.

In the first episode, Baudet talked about what he calls "Oikophobia," which means "for oneself," or for that which is of oneself. It refers to the strange fact that so many, especially in Europe, fear everything their own country stands for. Their own history, their culture, their religion. Everything that's imported is great, but everything that's "one's own" is suspect. Automatically.