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CATL New Battery Factories 2021

•, by Brian Wang

The manufacturing facility will eventually have an annual production capacity of 120 GWh. The first phase which just started has a capacity of 60 GWh per year.

This battery factory alone has a planned capacity almost equal to the total installed capacity of all battery cell manufacturers in China in the first eleven months of 2021 – which was 128.3 GWh. According to current battery prices, 120 GWh would have a production value of over 100 billion yuan, or just under 14 billion euros.

In 2020, CATL shipped batteries with a total capacity of 51.7 GWh. CATL has boosted its planned battery capacity, including capacity under production and to be built, to over 300 GWh.

In June, 2021, CATL announced an 80 GWh battery plant in Shanghai. Later in the same month, Tesla signed a new supply deal with CATL that would run from January 2022 to December 2025. Tesla had ordered 45 GWh of CATL's LFP batteries.

CATL's new battery plant is ramping-up production and has already achieved 60% of its undisclosed target capacity. The new production site is an adapted plant located just 3 km from Tesla's Giga Shanghai.

45 GWh per year of batteries would be well over double the 16.1 GWh Tesla China used Jan-Nov 2021. Tesla China likely used 19-20 GWh of batteries in 2021.