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Woman who quit Air Force commando course questioned 'highly suspicious' lower standards

• By Rachel S. Cohen and Kyle Rempfer

Multiple documents obtained by Air Force Times — including performance forms, score charts and a report the woman authored shortly after dropping out of a land navigation event — illustrate how she was allowed to return to training after she quit, and how physical training metrics were lowered just as she arrived at a challenging schoolhouse last spring.

"I believe the change in standards invalidated me with a majority of my team," she wrote in an April 2021 memo to an unnamed master sergeant about her experience at the school. "One [instructor] cadre member had a conversation with a student and said that the cadre 'rioted' when they found out the PT test was changing back to lesser standards.

"Perhaps all of this timing was coincidental, but looks highly suspicious with my arrival on campus," she added. Air Force Times is withholding her name for privacy reasons.

The airman's account and other paperwork contradict public statements that Lt. Gen. Jim Slife, the head of Air Force Special Operations Command, issued during the first week of January to refute claims that his organization is unfairly pushing an unqualified female airman through special tactics training.

An anonymous letter circulated online alleged that AFSOC tweaked the training benchmarks to her benefit and allowed the woman to return after she tried to quit the program three times.