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Bioethics Professor To The Unvaccinated: "We Cannot Allow You To Circulate Freely"

•, by Kelen McBreen

During a recent interview with CBC News, Ravitsky was asked if the government of Quebec should go further in its crackdown on the unvaccinated.

As of now, unvaccinated citizens of Quebec are not allowed to enter "non-essential" businesses such as liquor stores or marijuana dispensaries.

"I would say if you need access to food and access to medication," Ravitsky began. "Grocery stores, supermarkets, pharmacies. Everything else that is not food and medications that you need for your health, at this point becomes, in a way, a luxury for you because you made the choice not to get the vaccine."

She continued, "And, we cannot allow you to circulate freely and increase the burden on the healthcare system, because as you said, this means if I'm in a car crash, if I'm diagnosed with something else, I don't have access to the hospital because it's overflooded."