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Senator Goes Missing

• The Village Voice
One year after he wrote a scathing account of Mass. Senator John Kerry, in 2005 journalist Sidney Schanberg reported the activities of John McCain to halt Congressional inquiries of P.O.W.'s.

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Comment by Jerry Alexander
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We will never know it this is true or not because we are too cowardly to bring up such things as McCain`s "POW PAPERS".Why not?
Obama is all lies,but! His followers are our YOUTH who are soooooo ignorant of the truth,and have no desire to find the truth.Like sheep they are led.
There is nothing honest about this election ,or the candidates with one exception,that being Ron Paul.

We Americans are ignorant/weak people.We will do nothing while people like McCain give our country away.
It is said that our youth are voting for warmongers and flocking to McCain and Obama in herds.How smart is that?
This country has no chance of returning to the old America we knew.Our YOUTH is making sure of that.What he hell is wrong with them,the youth?
Have they been drugged?Do their parents advise them to vote for War Mongers like McCain?
What are we teaching in our schools these day`s?
Americans are weak and ignorant and stupid as a box of rocks.
Way to go Americas YOUTH,you suck.