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Recent Events Suggest the Predicted Arrival of the Deadly Small Pox-Ebola Cocktail Is On Its Way

• by Dave Hodges

Aside from an unreasonable level of cheating in 2022, the Democrats are going to be destroyed and in that scenario, with Republicans controlling both houses of Congress, both Biden and Harris are impeached for willful neglect on the border issue in violation of the ConstitutionL In this scenario, Republican, Kevin McCarthy (presumed Speaker of the House) would ascend to the Presidency. 

I have been on record by stating that there is no way that the Democrats are not going to relinquish power because of some "trivial" election. They know they have a mandate from the Globalists and they intend to carry out that mandate at all costs. If one operates on this reasonable premise, it is possible to begin to construct the likely Democratic Party battle plan:

1. There is nothing like a war to distract the country from the horrible mess that the Biden administration has created. We cannot win this war, however, the Democrats will worry about that later as this will prolong and transition of power. In war, elections can be suspended and the people are less likely to change horses in midstream in the middle of a global conflict. 

2. If the war is not enough for the Democrats to stay in power, there is always the kill shot and that would gain-of-function research developed cocktail, Hemorraghic Fever combined with Small Pox! This is the doomsday weapon of the Democratic Party leadership/Deep State interests.