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RN Nicole Sirotek Testimony To Senator Ron Johnson - The Horrors and Abuse of Covid Patients


Please watch all of this testimony Nurse Nicole Sirotek gave at Senator Ron Johnson's panel today. It is only 8:17 of your time. Take special note of where she says you will get the best care if you are sick.

It is horrifying, but all too real to those who have been closely following this situation for well over a year.

If you do not yet realize what is happening, please wake up. Everyone needs to be awake to this. After you watch this one, keep going down the page. (You can also see more in my Newsfeed embedded here on my website.) The testimonies are heartbreaking and infuriating. How long until people realize the absolute criminality that is taking place around this country all day, every day? There is a reason I said that if Nuremberg 2.0 doesn't happen we have a very big problem in Things Will Never Be The Same Again.