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Safety Concerns with Auto Transformer and Growatt 240V inverter SPF 5000 ES

• David Poz - YouTube

I've received several questions regarding safety concerns about my inverter setup. This video is to answer those questions.

I have two inverters running in parallel. They are Growatt SPF 5000 ES purchased from Signature Solar. Each inverter is 5kW, so combined that's 10kW of power. I've combined it with 30kWh of battery capacity. The batteries I'm using are Gyll (EG4) 48V LiFePO4. This is all part of my off grid solar system running my whole house and garage.

The inverter makes 240VAC single phase. I'm using the auto-transformer from solar-edge to create a neutral. This "splits" the 240V in half, providing me two 120V legs.

Keep in mind, this is a DIY channel. I'm using my equipment off grid. Please be safe for your own setups. Filming and editing this video took place over the course of 2 weeks.