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I woke up on a Covid vent after a car accident (My testimony)

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Here is an update to the interview:

We received an email (below) from Ben this evening several hours after the interview, and we have spoken to him about the new information. He is very concerned the accuracy of his testimony as to what happened after the accident and in the hospital, but he did not have all the information at the time of the interview. As far as we are concerned, they still put him on a ventilator and drugged him up for no apparent reason other than he did not want to get a shot (which they said was a sedative). We will talk again with him tomorrow and provide any updates.

From Ben: Massively conflicting testimony from my family was just received by myself a few minutes ago. I am livid. Apparently, FMC reached out to my family earlier than they ever told me. They were discussing "being able to talk to me soon" by a social worker. I was sent a screenshot from my brother, who told me NOTHING of this until minutes ago. That call was at 5:30pm. That is an hour and 20 minutes BEFORE I began pulling everything out. This utterly destroys the timeline that I had been going on solidly for days. They had 4 days to tell me this in our long a@# email thread before I got my phone today. Hospital staff did NOT ever tell me that they had already spoken to family, Only what I testified in the video. I was 100% sincere in my testimony. There was no way I could have known this and I can't believe they did not tell me until now. I am profoundly sorry. I am profoundly devastated. Please accept my apologies and remove any content regarding my ordeal. This is hell. The LAST thing I would ever want to do is to damage these movements and truth tellers. I am a shell right now. Benjamin

Please see me testimony. This happened just 2 days ago in Flagstaff,AZ. I was vented as a Covid patient. the day of my car accident. I woke up and removed the vent, argued with staff who said I was vented for covid. As you can see, I am breathing fine as I was before the accident. A miracle woke me up in a sea of sedatives and opiates. My email is I need help, I need to tell my story. Please mirror