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She makes 120 cocktails an hour and tells bad jokes. Meet your new robot bartender


Or, at least, Cecilia is making us drinks. She looks like an arcade game but pours like an angel. She tells bad jokes, asks if you prefer fruity or classy cocktails and suggests the best way to drink tequila is as a shot with salt and lime even as she pours you a margarita. She's about 7 feet tall, impervious to insults and can serve 120 cocktails an hour without breaking a sweat. She can also check your ID, so don't even try her. Cecilia is the world's first interactive robot bartender — an interactive A.I. mixologist, if you're fancy like that — and she is currently infiltrating Florida International University's Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management in North Miami. Her goal is not world domination or extinction of mankind. Nor is she plotting to steal the jobs of future bartenders.