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The charm of cryptocurrencies for white supremacists

• The Economist

On august 11th 2017 far-right groups from all over America came to Charlottesville, Virginia, to protest against the removal of a Confederate statue. The next day a white supremacist drove his car into a crowd of counter-protesters, killing one of them. In the aftermath PayPal, an online-payment platform whose terms of service forbid raising money to promote hate, suspended extremists' accounts. So did Apple Pay and Google Wallet. Visa and Discover, two credit-card firms, followed suit, as did Patreon, a crowdfunding site. Far-right groups found themselves in search of other places to raise money. What many of them embraced was cryptocurrency.

The Southern Poverty Law Centre (splc), an advocacy group, has identified over 600 cryptocurrency addresses used by members of the far right. They include ones associated with Andrew Anglin, publisher of a neo-Nazi website, the Daily Stormer; Andrew Auernheimer, a white-supremacist hacker; and Don Black, founder of a white-power online forum.

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Comment by BuelahMan
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I wonder if the author understands that they have mimicked the mainstream media with this report? I have no affiliation with any of her so-called "far right" groups, and I didn't attend the rally. I knew it would be a honey pot for the anti-white agenda the MSM is pushing for the Marxist clowns running the show. But I did agree with the stance that the statues should not be torn down (which was what the rally was for). To paint everyone who attended using the MSM's descriptions means that this site isn't as independent as is proposed.