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Agustin Carstens is (Partially) Right!

• James Corbett - The Corbett Report

For example, take a look at this passage from "The Socio-Political Dimensions of the Currency: Implications for the Transition to the Euro," a research paper by French economist Bruno Théret published in the Journal of Consumer Policy in 1999. Given its title, its provenance and its publication context, you would be forgiven for assuming this is just another eye-wateringly boring exercise in abstract philosophical onanism. But you would be wrong.

At the origin of money we have a "relation of representation" of death as an invisible world, before and beyond life – a representation that is the product of the symbolic function proper to the human species and which envisages birth as an original debt incurred by all men, a debt owing to the cosmic powers from which humanity emerged (Malamoud, 1988; Rospabé, 1995; Thiveaud, 1995). Payment of this debt, which can however never be settled on earth—because its full reimbursement is out of reach—takes the form of sacrifices which, by replenishing the credit of the living, make it possible to prolong life and even in certain cases to achieve eternity by joining the Gods.

I'm not sure what you were expecting from a stuffy economics paper, but it probably wasn't that. But then, this isn't an economics paper. It's a paper on the nature of the monetary system itself, which, you will concede, is a different beast entirely.

Indeed, if you follow my work, you'll know that the question of monetary reform isn't just some silly ivory tower distraction; it is the core issue that lies at the bottom of the conspiracy reality rabbit hole.

As I argued in Century of Enslavement: The History of the Federal Reserve, the history of the United States (but not only the United States) takes on an entirely different character when we see it as the consequence of a secret war taking place over control of the nation's currency. And, as you will also know from that documentary, the monetary war in the United States was decided in favour of the banking oligarchy in 1913 with the creation of the Federal Reserve.