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Biden Unveils Plan To Fight Inflation, Revives 'Build Back Better', During First State Of Th

•, by Tyler Durden

He also concluded with a line that many complained was bizarre, telling his audience to "go get him". Go get who?

Toward the end of the speech, President Biden claimed that he wanted to "hold law enforcement accountable" while also insisting that he wanted to "fund the police". At one point, he even waxed poetic about the two NYPD officers who were recently killed by an unhinged, dangerous criminal.

Toward the end, Biden also urged Congress to 'protect a woman's right to an abortion' as the US Supreme Court is set to rule this year on whether a Mississippi ban on the procedure after 15 weeks can remain.

Meanwhile, check out the reaction in online betting markets to Biden's speech.

Here are the odds of Republicans retaking the House.

And the odds of them retaking the Senate.Now it's time for the rebuttals.