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Remember John McCain?<br>by Dick Morris and Eileen McGann

• Townhall
He's the guy who was running for president before all the national attention shifted to Obama and Clinton. Now, McCain seems to be only an afterthought, at best, or an anachronism, at worst. He has got to get back into the game

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Comment by Jerry Alexander
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A big surprise is coming for "McCain".
We have people that will be at one of his speeches,and will inquire about his nickname,"Songbird".
We will also inquire about other claims by the POW`S that were in the same camp as McCain when he,McCain,gave at least 30 RVN radio messages,and,other claims that J McCain gave up classified information that resulted in the DEATHS of "American Pilots"...not to mention the Russian doctor that took care of McCain,and nobody else.
Coming SOON to a "McCain" rally near you...SOON!!