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Arab Spring 2.0 Begins: Iraqis Take To The Streets In Protest Of Soaring Food Prices

• by Tyler Durden

.. and Russia's upcoming fertilizer trade ban...

... an ever louder question on the lips of geopolitical strategists is when, not if, global protests over food will re-emerge and begin toppling unstable - or perhaps stable - governments across the world in a rerun of the Arab Spring revolutions of 2011 when widespread public outrage started as a result of surging food prices.

It appears that the answer is "now", because as Al Jazeera reports, on Wednesday protests erupted in Iraq's impoverished south over a rise in food prices that officials attributed to the conflict in Ukraine. Here, for the past week, the price of cooking oils and flour have skyrocketed in local markets as government officials have sought to address growing anger with various statements and measures.

Today, the public frustration with these runaway prices finally boiled over, and more than 500 protesters gathered on Wednesday in a central square in the southern city of Nasiriya – a flashpoint of anti-corruption protests that gripped the country in 2019.

"The rise in prices is strangling us, whether it is bread or other food products," retired teacher Hassan Kazem told AFP news agency. "We can barely make ends meet."