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Connecting Two Shipping Containers Together! Double Wide Home, Garage, Warehouse - DIY - NO WELDING!

• The Container Guy -

Follow along in this video as we connect two 40-foot shipping containers together! It is not as easy as cutting out the center walls and pushing them together. It's a lot more difficult than that, but we have a kit that makes this process easier! And it doesn't REQUIRE WELDING!

This double wide container will be used as a storage warehouse, but you can use a double wide sea container for many purposes. You can convert this sea can building into a container house, garage, workshop or whatever you would like to modify it into. It is a 40' x 16' structure, so you have a lot more room to create what you want!

We will also be performing other modifications to this building, such as strut channel framing, spray foam insulation, and electrical, but we will mainly show you the requirements you need to follow to make this container conversion as smooth as possible.