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Ron Paul questions General Patraeus

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Paul knows the General can dance for 5 minutes. So he uses his 5 minutes to lay question after question at the General's feet. He will never get an answer, but he sure does frame the debate.

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Comment by Harold Provins
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Did you see the look on the generals face when
Ron ask him that last question,him & his buddy were both at a loss for words. This is the clowns we have running our country.

Comment by Jefferson Paine
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Putting on my Monday morning quarterback jersey, there's one question I really wish Ron had asked the general: "In the U.S. military, especially in the wake of the Nuremberg Trials that firmly established 'just following orders' as a non-excuse, officers have the responsibility to refuse illegal orders from their superiors. Given your position and that responsibility, what do you believe would constitute an illegal order from the Commander in Chief? In particular, would a clear violation of the plain language of the U.S. Constitution regarding the declaration of war be illegal for the President?"

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