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Firebox Freestyle stove folds into six styles of campsite cooker

•, By Nick Lavars

The newly introduced Firebox Freestyle is a modular solution that uses a set of folding panels to shape-shift into everything from a compact stove to a full field kitchen, and a few fun options in between.

The panels making up the Firebox Freestyle come in either stainless steel or titanium and are littered with grooves, cutouts and notches that act as airflow vents, firewood feeding holes and attachment points for grates and grills. A fire pan tin can be used to both store the components and collect ash and embers, for those looking to camp without a trace.

The smallest and simplest configuration for the Firebox Freestyle is the three-panel "Tri Torch," which is designed for vertical columns of firewood to create a thermal column in low-oxygen, high-altitude environments. The four-panel "Freestyle" makes cooking more of a square affair and allows wood to be fed in from the top or side ports, while a hinged damper can be used to control airflow.

The six-panel "Hexagon Storm" adds yet more space in the firepit, while the six-panel, rectangular "Buschcrafter" allows for longer sticks to be laid flat and two pots up top. These configurations listed so far can all fit into one of Firebox's fire pan tins for easy storage, while those below will require two but come greater cooking power.

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