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Stunning northern lights from intense solar storms thrill stargazers

• Elizabeth

On Wednesday night and Thursday early morning, skywatchers like Hagan saw auroras in Canada, the northern parts of the U.S. and in New Zealand from several moderate-sized solar flares earlier in the week

Satellites including NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory caught the flaring action from space, and Hagan saw the resulting light show effects of coronal mass ejections (streams of irradiated solar particles) hitting Earth's magnetic field during the space weather event. Hagan captured the image (and several more, as you can see in this story) with a Canon 80D, mounted on a tripod and open for a three-second timelapse. "The night sky offers so much to see from our small space on Earth," Hagan said, adding that "satellites, and stars contribute to the light that break through the dark.

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