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Should child rapists face death penalty?

• Christian Science Monitor
30 years ago the US Supreme Court issued a landmark decision, declaring sentencing someone to death for the crime of rape was cruel and unusual punishment. The decision referred to the rape of an adult woman, but it left an issue unresolved.

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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I was just searching for this article to make the same comment Brock. Thank you.

I remember when our esteemed lawmakers in many states, ever searching for more ways to beat their chests and show how tough they are on crime made three time rapists face the death penalty. We had rape-murder rates shoot up. Why?

Because a three time loser already knows the system. Already knows that a crime without a witness is harder to convict than a crime with a witness. If the penalty for the crime is the same whether you leave the victim alive or not well the math is easy. And it doesn't favor the victim, just the rapist and the politician.

Now the politicians are for the children. Getting hard to figure out who is the rapist.

Comment by Brock Lorber
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Who was the genius who proposed making the penalty for murdering a child the same as raping one? A dead victim can't testify like a rape victim, making the chances of conviction higher in rape cases than murder cases.

I would think THE hallmark of a broken justice system would be incentivizeing rapists to murder their victims.