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Altiyan Childs Reveals World's Secret Religion (Freemasonry)

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In a five-hour video (dated April 15th 2021) Australian rock star Altiyan Childs has broken his Masonic vows and risked his life to prove beyond any doubt that Freemasonry is Satanism, and Freemasons control the world. This is an essential reality check.

Altiyan is showing how practically all politicians and entertainers are Freemasons. They proudly declare their allegiance to Satan by making the classic Masonic signs of recognition.

Freemasonry is the instrument of the Cabalist Jewish central banking cartel. You literally must join to succeed in the public realm: politics, entertainment, business, religion, military, education, media. This secret network of opportunistic devil-worshippers & traitors is how they pull off the covid hoax and world depopulation, dispossession and slavery, i.e. UN Agenda 2030.

A must see documentary, full of revelations and wake up calls.