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Why Waco Still Matters<br>by Anthony Gregory

• LewRockwell
Every year for the last five years, I have written an article commemorating the Waco siege: the 51-day standoff from February 28 to April 19, 1993, between government agents – ATF, FBI and US military – and the Branch Davidians: a conflict ending in

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Comment by Sam Weathersby
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Powell is quite correct. So much of main stream USA is so blind, stupid & lethargic...words fail to describe the mess. Every freedom loving citizen should be hounding Congress & state legislatures for a return to the Constitution. Oh yeah. Gotta watch American Idol.

What happened when a Constitution supporter came along? Ron Paul was lied about, marginalized, ignored...people still swallowed the MSM propaganda. Now we face the prospect of more fascist big brotherism if any of the 3 media darling CFR members are elected.

Posse commutates? Most people think it's a bunch of cowboys chasing an outlaw. Jury nullification? Most people try to get out of jury duty. Most US Americans seem like they are candidates for Jay Walking on the Tonight Show.

The USA no longer has much left that resembles a Constitutional Republic. We look more like the old Soviet Union, Hitler's Germany or Red China every day.

Tis a sad state of the Union these days...