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Mike Rowe Says Truckers "Aren't Buying Putin Price Hike" Spin As Diesel Hits New High

• Miami Standard

Baltimore native Mike Rowe became famous as the Dirty Jobs jobs guy on the Discovery Channel. Now he's filming the second season of "How America Works" on Fox Bussiness, showcasing the many individuals that work around the clock to keep the US economy humming. 

During Monday's "Fox and Friends" show, Rowe sat down with Steve Doocy to discuss out-of-control inflation. He said the tuckers he knows aren't buying the "Putin Price Hike" narrative. 

As the national average for diesel prices at the pump jump to a record high of $5.32 a gallon, Rowe said truckers are sending him pictures and videos of them filling up, spending more than a thousand dollars at a time. 

"I get video almost every day now from people who we featured on 'Dirty Jobs" and 'How America Works.'

"They're just sending me videos of them at the gas pump and some of them are filling up 18-wheelers. And, I'm not kidding you, $1,100, $1,200.