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Pew Survey Finds COVID Has Virtually Disappeared as a Major Concern For Americans

•, by Paul Joseph Watson

The survey was conducted by Pew Research between April 25-May 1.

Just 19 per cent of respondents said COVID was still a "very big problem," while 31 per cent said it was a "small problem" and a further 12 per cent said it was "not a problem at all."

In comparison, 70 per cent of Americans said inflation was a "very big problem," with a further 23 per cent describing it as a "moderately big problem."

Ten other issues, including violent crime, illegal immigration and the condition of infrastructure, all rank above COVID-19 in terms of being more of a concern.

As one commentator observed, the war in Ukraine appears nowhere on the list, although Pew chose not to include it as an option.

"Democrats are nearly four times as likely as Republicans to rate climate change as a very big problem (63% vs. 16%)," reports Pew. "Republicans, by contrast, are far more likely than Democrats to view illegal immigration as a very big problem (65% vs. 19%)."

Despite the pandemic virtually being over, numerous states are still enforcing indoor mask mandates and other COVID restrictions that refuse to die.

As we highlighted yesterday, Broadway star Patti LuPone launched an angry rant at an audience member for not wearing a mask properly during a Q&A session despite the fact that she wasn't wearing one inside the theater.