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World's First Vertiport For Flying Taxis Opens In UK

• by Tyler Durden

Urban-Air Port, a British company developing ground-based infrastructure for the eVTOL industry, opened the vertiport earlier this month in Coventry, a city in central England. 

The founder of Urban-Air port, Ricky Sandhu, said the opening of the vertiport was a "momentous moment."

"[This is] the starting gun for a new age of transport, an age of zero-emission, congestion-free travel between and within cities that will make people healthier, happier and more connected than ever before," Sandhu said in a statement. 

Future vertiports will be mini airports, with a passenger lounge, café, retail pop-up, and cargo logistics hub. The facilities will also have an eVTOL hanger and a circular final approach and take-off platform. 

"Cars need roads. Trains need rails. Planes need airports. eVTOLs will need Urban Air Ports. Over a hundred years ago, the world's first commercial flight took off, creating the modern connected world. Urban-Air Port will improve connectivity across our cities, boost productivity and help the U.K. to take the lead in a whole new clean global economy," he continued.