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Family's Inflation Parody of Meatloaf Hit "I'd Do Anything for Love...

•, Jon Miltimore

The Marsh family reminds us that even amid suffering there is room for love and laughter, and there are some things even inflation cannot touch.

Sunday night a friend sent me a video produced by the Marsh family, an English singing group who shot to fame in 2020 making parody music videos while under lockdown. (Naturally, they were promptly dubbed the "Von Trapped" family. Get it?)

Lockdowns might be over, but the family of six is still producing songs—and some of them are nothing short of brilliant. One in particular is starting to go viral.

In April, they dropped a tribute to the recently departed Meatloaf and songwriting legend Jim Steinman based on their 1993 hit "I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That)." The song is titled "All Of The Prices Have Gone Up (But We Can't Pay That)", and it's about an economic phenomenon that all of us are far too familiar with right now: inflation.

The lyrics are funny—and get much funnier as the song continues—but to truly appreciate the brilliance of the song, one must see it performed.

The music video colorfully captures the real pain families around the world are experiencing—"Everyone kicked in the balls in various states of scrotal pain"— but explores the theme through a song that is at once hilarious and beautiful.

The Marsh family sounds fantastic, and the different harmonies they strike with the range of voices is perfect for the Wagnerian-style rock opera music that made Steinman and Meatloaf such a magnificent duo. (The pair collaborated for both Bat Out of Hell in 1978 and Bat Out of Hell II in '93.)

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