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Let's Talk America: Patrick Byrne calls former FBI and CIA directors ABSOLUTE TRAITORS

•, by: Kevin Hughes

"I can tell you, James Comey and John Brennan are guilty as hell. They are traitors to this country. They're absolute traitors in this country. I worked and took orders that I was told were coming from them. And it all turned out to be a complete political espionage. So there's absolutely a Deep State giving very nasty orders that were trying to do something by late 2015," Byrne told Dr. Alan Keyes during the May 23 episode of "Let's Talk America" on Brighteon.TV.

"I had some involvement with the United States government, which I've acknowledged. I'm not a spy, I'm not an asset, I'm nothing like that. I was something called an expert. And I was helping them with some stuff. And I started seeing some very funny things happen in late 2015."

During an episode of "Steel Truth" on Brighteon.TV in December last year, Vandersteel shared that Byrne had free rein to engage with the federal government in uncovering graft and corruption, thanks to the authority delegated by the Senate Judiciary since 2006. She added that Byrne even offered Hillary Clinton several bribes.