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Ford's new electric F150 Lightning battery pack is so powerful it can be used to power Americans


Ford's new F-150 Lighting is already changing the mind of longtime pickup truck owners who thought they would never go electric. 

The vehicle is the electric version of America's best-selling truck, the Ford-150.

It features an $11,000 131 kilowatt-hour lithium-ion pack battery, which is nearly ten times more powerful than a Tesla Powerwall.

Additionally, the battery can charge an average American home for up to three days, according to Ford engineers.

'That's a house like my house with AC, Xbox, kids going crazy leaving lights on everywhere,' Linda Zhang, the chief engineer of the Ford F-150 Lightning, told Bloomberg

This makes the F-150 Lighting the first electric vehicle sold in the US with bi-directional charging, which means it has the capability to both power the vehicle and send power to a home or the grid.

Prices range from $40,000 for versions of the car aimed at commercial fleets to  luxury models that reach the $90,000 price tag.

Though in order to have those all perks, potential buyers must also splurge on the Ford 80-amp charging station, a $3,895 home integration system from Sunrun Inc., and installation costs that vary depending upon location and type of home. 

In May, President Joe Biden paid a visit to the Ford Rouge Electric Vehicle Center in Dearborn, Michigan, with a surprise stop to speed his way around the test track.

'This sucker's quick,' Biden said, sticking his head out of the window, and wearing his signature aviator sunglasses.