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USDA and General Mills flee "GenderCool" associations as public learns about the horrors o

•, Lance D Johnson

One of these transgender-pushing organizations is called "GenderCool." This group aims to "increase representation" of LGBTQ+ books in schools to "encourage 5-year-old children to question their own gender identity and to reconsider their pronouns."

The USDA, General Mills and State Farm were just a few of the American corporations and federal agencies that supported GenderCool. Now these corporations are rescinding their support for GenderCool as the public learns about the horrors of corporations backing the grooming and genital mutilation of children.

State Farm rescinds their support for GenderCool but is all for children questioning their gender

On May 24, State Farm announced they have withdrawn support for GenderCool, but the company's official press release called the organization a "philanthropic" program. State Farm's official press release stated their "support" for "organizations that provide resources for parents to have conversations about gender and identity with their children at home."