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Ron Paul gets 16% in Pennsylvania

• Pennsylvania Sec. of State
With 99.44% of the districts reporting John McCain got 73%, Ron Paul 16% and Mike Huckabee with 11% in a three way race.

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Comment by Jerry Alexander
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WOW!!!! Paul got a FEW more votes than a candidate that`s "OUT OF THE RACE"...WOW!!!!!!!
Go Get Um Ron!
Hows he doing against "KEYS"?
I bet he even got more votes than "Jimmy Carter"...WOW!!!!
Paul is making speeches,now,and then.........WOW!!!!!!!
It`s all too much to take in at once.....WOW!!!!
All of this is sooooo mundane.If you want support,you have to do something to reassure your fleeting followers that Ron Paul is serious.You high jacked some voting booths.....WOW!!!!
What happened to those X FBI agents that were to investigate the rampant voter fraud against Paul?
I guess they turned out to be typical FBI agents,after all.
Anyway! everyone I know were expecting a much more powerful campaign...didn`t happen then,and,it`s too late now unless you make some real noise...Loud Noise at that.