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Happiest place on Earth? Disneyland Paris worker ruins American couple's marriage proposal...


A couple's magical moment at Disneyland Paris has been snatched away by an overzealous member of staff wearing Mickey Mouse ears.

Footage showed the pair in the shadow of the Cinderella castle when the worker leapt between them and took the ring out of the fiancée's hand.

The employee beckoned the pair off the platform they were standing on and the shocked duo followed him down during the bizarre exchange last week.

Some branded the Disney worker 'evil' and others said he made an effective snap decision to dissuade other guests from staging marriage proposals there.

The video was posted on Reddit under the title 'POS destroyed my best friends moment. He asked for permission beforehand.'

In the film, onlookers can be heard applauding as the man drops to his knees and his girlfriend puts her hands to her face in shock.

After the staff member scurries into frame, nabs the engagement ring, and beckons the stunned couple down to another location, the crowd begins to boo while the staff member shakes his head and smiles.

The couple head down the stairs as fairytale music swirls in the air. When they reach the bottom the staff member hands back the ring and appears to say 'That's the rule.'