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Former Ron Paul Revolutionaries Backing McCain

WTF? Is this a PsyOp or did these people just never get it? Their video makes no sense whatsoever, either.

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Comment by Marco Pantoja
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PsyOps, I researched on of the contributers... never been a RP supporter. And don't bother making replies to the blogs endorsing Ron Paul, they just get deleted.

Comment by Bruce Barton
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Folks, ya got a choice come November, abet a lousy choice, but still a choice.

A Marxist (Obama), a Socialist Democrat (Clinton), or something that at least has some threads remaining of being a Republican. Do your opposition research. You'll find JMac surprising in some ways you wouldn't expect.

Is he the best we can muster? Perhaps not. But look carefully behind the common thinking and rhetoric. Look carefully at all of the facts before you leap into the swamp.

Comment by Ed Vallejo
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I have it on good authority that the creators of this BULL$HIT website are the same two guys that infiltrated and arrested Ed and Elaine Brown!

Chew on THAT awhile.....

Comment by Rich Ness
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If one examines the platforms of the "top 3", they'll see little difference. They will be spending hundreds of millions for a job that pays 700k. But backdoor profits will skyrocket. ALL 3 are rife with scandals, tainted pasts, and profiteering. NONE of them have the best interest of the collective at heart, and moreover, they will BANKRUPT the nation, (That's You and I), either with handouts, (Socialized medicine, mortgage bailouts for individuals, NAFTA, etc.), or a never ending war, and policing the world through the UN. Democrat politicians have succumbed to greed, and Republican's are now the WAR party, intent on ruling the world. Even if you think your vote means nothing, it means less if you make concessions. I will vote Ron Paul, even if I have to endure ridicule from those I love, that's how much this means to me. Now let's work on Congress, where the rubber meets the road. Take back your FREEDOM~

Comment by Jerry Alexander
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I am a Ron Paul supporter.I do agree that we need someone to fight for us,but! McCain is the last person on earth I would choose for that task.
John McCain is a traitor,in spades.
Why dosn`t someone ask HONEST JOHN to release the POW papers.....He won`t.He`s a comi two face lier and murderer of American pilots.John McCain has never told the truth about his time in NVN.He won`t either.He would be hanged if he did tell the truth,or,release the POW papers.