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It's the Thrill of the Fight, Rising Up to the Challenge of our Rival

•, Jeff Berwick

As well-spoken and articulate as ever, Mr. Balboa. 

Except, both sunshine and rainbows have become suspicious signs of the dreaded "climate change" symptom, and, as always, we are the virus that needs to be eradicated. 

It used to be "global warming", with skinny polar bears clinging to dwindling icebergs warning us of planet Earth's destruction due to Man's selfish ways. 

These days it's snow in Namibia or Afghanistan. Or, an unprecedented number of farm and processing plant fires worldwide. Or, thousands of cattle dying of heat stroke in Kansas.  Or, multiple people dying of actual strokes or having miscarriages, again, damn that pesky climate change! 

It must be true. Science tells us so. 

And, besides, what kind of a psycho would misrepresent these facts about the planet in an attempt to manipulate humanity's emotions? 

Well, the kind of people that are behind The Club of Rome fit the bill. Or, maybe it's "A Small Group of Americans Who Seek The Age Of Reason" – you know, the reptiles who sponsored the so-called Georgia Guidestones to be built in 1980. 

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