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Eggs Will be $12 a Dozen; Meat Shortages Coming This August

• By Southern Catholic Mom

As a homesteader and gardener in rural farming country in the South, I think this lady is correct. Food prices are way up. Food shortages are coming by August 2022.

We are amidst a terrible drought here in Tennessee. Crops like corn are doing poorer with late planting due to excess rain in early spring, and now drought in early summer. Hay has already spiked in price here and many hay farmers are no longer willing to sell their hay for fear of running out of hay for their own livestock, mostly cattle here.  Farmers I know are contemplating selling their livestock if we have a hay shortage, such that this season's hay won't get us through the coming winter season. Hay yields look to be 25-30% down from normal. Reasons for this, besides the current drought, are that this past spring, many farmers chose not to fertilize their hay fields, to cut costs. The fertilizer used on hay fields is chicken litter (chicken poop, a natural and valuable by-product of egg and poultry farms).

Farming families do not have usual yields right now in their gardens, so farmer's markets and truck farming are indeed switching toward just feeding our own families.