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McCain Used Wife’s Jet for Little Cost

• NY Times
Senator John McCain’s backed legislation last year requiring presidential candidates to pay the actual cost of flying on corporate jets. Mr. McCain’s campaign is using a corporate jet owned by his wife's company.

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Comment by Jerry Alexander
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So what?
Americans do not have the will to put a stop to McCain`s lying and cheating.
Americans are even afraid to ask John McCain questions,all of America wants answers to.
Before Americans regain the nerve needed to save their own country,it will be too late.
Your government does whatever it wants to do,right in your faces,and you just stand there mumbling to yourselves.
Even you local precincts have run afoul of the laws.Still! nothing is done about it.
Your elections are a Big Joke,.....the Whole World Laughs.
Get over it America,your time has come.The "Home of the Brave" is a thing of the past.
"John McCain" using a company jet that belongs to his "Cunt".
He is doing in right in from of the "FEC".Where is the "FEC" on this?.....ha ha ha ha ha.
Your own government don`t like you,and is trying to get rid of you,and still! all you do is talk,and watch American Idol.