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Hidden Video Shows US Navy Jet Fuel Spewing in Hawaii

•, By Ann Wright

dramatic video hidden for six months by the U.S. Navy shows 20,000 gallons of jet fuel spraying into a Red Hill tunnel for 34 hours. The fuel entered a floor drain that sent thousands of gallons into the water supply of 93,000 residents.

The video surfaced on July 5 after an undisclosed Navy employee made it public. 

The video was taken by an employee whose cart ran into a pipe that broke, allowing the jet fuel to spray. Now that is available to the public, the Navy is investigating the media leak of the video. For seven months it told the state of Hawai'i, its congressional delegation and the public that the leak did not exist.

Earthjustice attorney David Henkin said that it's

"pretty offensive that they would go after someone that is providing information that the public has a right to see… That they are not apologetic for not releasing this information to the public and instead are trying to stomp it out is really offensive."

The video surfaced only days after the Navy attempted, on June 30, a midnight out-of-sight release of a stunning January 2022 investigative report of the March and November 2022 massive leaks of jet fuel.