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Startup believes AI-guided hydrofoil flotilla is key to green hydrogen

•, By C.C. Weiss

Instead of creating windmill-derived electricity, its plan involves using AI-routed hydrofoil sailing yachts to generate the electricity required for electrolysis. Those yachts would then deliver green hydrogen to ports around the world for use as a power source.

Drift plans its yacht-based energy system as a highly flexible, decentralized generation and distribution solution, using green hydrogen as the storage medium. The idea is for its hydrofoil sailboats to convert wind power into electricity by pulling underwater turbine-generators through, in turn powering the electrolysis that splits water into hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen would then be carried to nearby ports and distributed to customers.

The ocean isn't merely used to power Drift's turbines but also as the raw material for electrolysis. Each yacht would be equipped with an electrolysis plant capable of producing megawatts of hydrogen out of readily available seawater. Tonnes of hydrogen could then stored in commercial-grade tanks on the vessel before being transported back to shore.

Drift sailing yachts would operate in flexible flotillas, deployed around the globe to major ports closest to customer bases. In this way, they could be located exactly where they're needed most and easily moved to other areas when demand shifts. Drift believes it can build and deploy individual flotillas in 1/10 the time it would take to plan and build an offshore wind farm of comparable capacity.