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Aerospace Publication Reports 5G/EMF Exposure Risks to Pilots;...

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Decades of research has revealed that exposure to various sources of electromagnetic fields (aka "Electrosmog") – including 5G – is biologically harmful.  Some American legislators and the U.S. military (see 1, 2, 3) are already aware of how exposure is affecting pilots and seem to be taking action to protect them (though not necessarily the rest of us).  Nevertheless, strangely enough, some navy pilots are being required to train with wireless-radiation emitting virtual reality (VR) headsets.  But I digress.

Thanks to Professional Pilot Magazine for publishing an article about how pilots and of course, everybody else, are being affected by exposure to 5G and other EMFs.

5G and electromagnetic fields

Recently, we tried to cut through the babble about 5G, look at actual data, and figure out how troublesome it really is for aviation. (See Pro Pilot, April 2022, p 8). Since then, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has doubled down on blaming its victims, ordering avionics makers to bring their "defective" radar altimeters up to a standard of signal discrimination required in no other country. However, that is not our topic here. This time, we will look at what electromagnetic fields (EMFs) may be doing – not to your equipment, but to you.