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Keeping The Mideast Safer For Dictators

• By Eric S. Margolis

US President Joe Biden ignored all these customs on his recent pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia, whose de facto ruler he had previously termed a 'pariah.'

Everyone knew Biden had come to Saudi to politely grovel before its Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the potentate whom CIA claims ordered critical Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi kidnapped and chopped up into little pieces.

Prince Mohammed denies any responsibility.

The real reason for Biden's supplication was, of course, the worldwide shortage of oil which was partly caused by the US-led embargo on Russian oil exports.  Americans are deeply outraged by high oil prices which can be the kiss of death for many a politician.

Americans care about three things above all: gasoline, God and guns.

As everyone knows, gasoline prices have hit the roof just when US midterm elections are on the horizon.  The Biden White House is rightly panicking as the president's feeble approval ratings drop ever lower.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump sits in his Floridian version of Elba waiting for the time to return to power.  No current Democrat looks capable of standing up to Trump.  One even wonders if the frail-looking Biden will make it to election day.