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If You Want To Fix the Economy, Separate Money From the State

•, By Jordan Schachtel

The average 21st century American politician doesn't care about you and your family, or even the district he or she represents. As COVID Mania made crystal clear, their main concern is making sure they have the power to rule over you.

Rarely do they wield this power to the benefit of constituents who elected them through the traditional democratic process (of course, there are exceptions, but these "noble politicians" are a tiny minority on the federal level). In order to achieve electoral success, politicians get in the good graces of elite, well-funded networks via Washington, Wall Street, and elsewhere. As long as they accommodate the interests of this 0.01% fractional group, power incumbency remains an indefinite prospect.

Over the past few years, the politicians in charge have authorized the printing of trillions and trillions of dollars in the name of a "global pandemic." In doing so, they debased the currency and set off an inflation time bomb, making the vast majority of Americans significantly poorer and worse off.

While the average American is now combating the horrors of government and Federal Reserve-induced stagflation, the politician's patrons are wealthier than ever. The major beneficiaries of this decade's money printing adventures have been the people who already have all of the wealth and power. Moreover, the wealth gap has only grown significantly in their favor, and that is all by design. As the Biden Administration challenges the once widely accepted definition of a recession, it's become clear that the people in charge are willing to deceive the public indefinitely while they pursue the continuation of these outcomes.