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But What About the Children?<br>by Lew Rockwell

• Mises
Christopher Ratte, Prof. of Classics at U of Michigan, was recently turned into a jailbird and had his son taken away from him, all in the name of protecting the child. His crime was taking his 7-year old son to a baseball game and ordering lemonade.

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Comment by Jerry Alexander
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Just think what kind of cop would do this to a child,not to mention his father.
Open you eyes.These are the same low life,low IQ, cops that are going to kill you when told to.As soon as Americans stand up and say,"Enough is Enough".Bush will tell these "Bottom Feeding" cops,aka,"Nazi`s" to KILL YOU,and they will.
What are the local Americans doing abuut this.My guess is....NOTHING.
I think Pictures of the COP`S should be posted all over town as a warning to the town`(s),as far as,Who to Keep an eye on,when the sh8t hits the fan.
Know you enemy,and keep a close watch on them.
Show the Pictures to their children,their pastor,their neighborhood.Paste these pic1s on campuses,bus stations,ect,ect. Let the people know who their enemy is.
They will kill you if told to.