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Military Creates Its Own Metaverse, Seeks Digital Twin Of Earth


For years, different military programs have worked to combine, "models, simulations, people and real equipment into a common representation of the world." The US Army has established the STE Cross-Functional Team to develop a "common synthetic environment" for simulations and training.

Pete Morrison, CCO at BISimbelieves this military innovation is a microcosm for what could become of the metaverse. "A military metaverse will focus on training, experimentation, and mission rehearsal. The fundamental difference to other commercial metaverses will be that it aims to deliver a high-fidelity digital twin of the real world," he says.

BISim, or Bohemia Interactive Simulations, has been focused on the 'under the hood' of developing the military metaverse, helping different technologies on separate terrain data interact more seamlessly. The company is involved with both the US Army STE and UK MOD SSE, converting its military simulations to run on new scalability architectures. It also provides its flagship products, VBS4 and VBS Blue IG, for trainee interaction within the military metaverses.