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How to Use 3 Simple Tools to Get Better Prepared FAST

• by Daisy Luther

We've gone through tense times in the past, but there's a sense of impending doom permeating our country. Whether that's caused by the floundering economy, the looming specter of World War 3, or concern that we're facing a civil war within our own borders because we're so greatly divided, the result is the same. You want to get your preparedness ducks in a row. NOW.

You can read every prepping website on the internet but unless they're talking about your exact situation, it's not going to cover all your bases. I've created a bundle of interactive products that will help you get prepped specifically for your family in your location with your budget. Some of you may have purchased these products separately in the past. This article is about how to best use each of them to get prepped, ASAP.

Please note that this isn't just for beginners. It's also for people who have been at it for a long time. You can check off all sorts of boxes, do some inventory, and identify any gaps you may have. I strongly urge you all to get serious and spend some time working on your personal preparedness as soon as possible.