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Are Enlistments Plummeting Because the Military Is Now a Woke Joke?

•, by Selwyn Duke

Yet the U.S. military is apparently putting guns in mentally ill people's hands, as it's now recruiting individuals "with a history of 'self-mutilation,' bipolar disorder, depression and drug and alcohol abuse," as USA Today wrote back in 2017. The reason why concerns a problem that has only worsened since that report.

To wit: Armed forces enlistments have been plummeting, with Americans either unqualified or unwilling to join, write David Goetsch and retired Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North in a recent Townhall piece. Worse still, they lament, the situation isn't being remedied because the powers-that-be won't even acknowledge the problem.

How bad is it? "For example, the Army acknowledges an 'alarming' reduction in enlistments between 21,000 and 28,000," relate the two. "Projections for 2023 are even worse."

Laughably, pseudo-elites throughout government blame the manpower shortfall on, as Goetsch and North relate it, a "bustling post-COVID economy" in which young people can easily find lucrative jobs. In reality, though, many Americans are unqualified because they're obese, have criminal records, and/or use drugs. Yet this isn't even the worst of it.