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Karen Johnson Opposes Privacy Rights?!

• Johnson for Senate 2004
This quote turns up in her writing as recently as 2004: "What we need to remember is that the U.S. Constitution gives no absolute right of privacy in any place or location."

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Comment by Joe Cobb
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Karen Johnson shows once again that being a "social conservative" is not consistent with the 9th Amendment. She is so concerned with "honoring God" that she is apparently willing to ignore individual rights.
Joe Cobb

Comment by Brock Lorber
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And...she's right. The US Constitution "gives" no rights of any kind, shape, or form. She's also correct in noting that "giving" rights to one group necessarily takes away rights from another group.

The flaw in this editorial is falling into the trap of treating people as groups rather than as individuals. In doing so, she becomes as publicly offensive as the libertine behavior she decries. It's an Irving Kristol tactic that puts the Republican Party in exactly the pickle they now find themselves.

Based purely on anecdotal evidence, I would guess that she may choose to write this editorial differently today.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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This is five years old. Regarding a Senator who is reportedly not running for another office or re-election. Her term is up this year. And it is a few days after the Devvy Kidd column that referred to her on a non-related area. Timeliness. So who cares? What is the merit of posting this article? Not that I care much beyond asking the above questions?

Comment by Ernest Hancock
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I read the article and think that each of us will take from it our own understanding. But I am glad to have this perspective shared for the examination of the thought process Karen uses and the framing of several issues as they are seen by the many people that support her as a legislator.