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How About "Zero Emissions" for Real?

• by Eric

Those pushing them say they are essential to prevent the "climate" from "changing" in some vaguely but always alarmingly way. We'll drown under the rising sea – or be cooked to death by the burning heat of the sun.

Whatever it is, it's coming  . . . even though it never arrives.

But assuming it is coming, powering electric cars with electricity generated by burning coal and natural gas and oil – which is how more than 80 percent of it is generated – won't reduce the "emissions" of the dread gas (carbon dioxide) that is said to be the cause of this endlessly imminent "changing" of the "climate." It merely changes the source of it – from lots of individual tailpipes to a lot fewer utility plants. The total "emitted" doesn't change appreciably. It may even be higher, given how much electricity is "burned" up in electric cars and trucks designed to be powerful and quick rather than efficient and basic.